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Opportunity Details

Job Title: Hospitalist Opportunity in Central Indiana!
State: Indiana
Region: United States
Position Description:

Hospitalist Opportunity in Central Indiana!

Job Description

  • We are a 6 member group, budgeted to grow to 8. All are BC in internal medicine, ages from 30-52. When short staffed, we pull some of the traditional internists from the office.
  • We are part of the largest medical group in south central Indiana, with close to 60 docs and NPs. Our hospitalist unit has been in existence for 7 years.
  • We cover the hospital 24/7, and admit and consult for routine medical problems. We try hard not to be the admitting intern service. We see a wonderful mix of the everyday, as well as some really interesting cases in our role as the regional referral center for the south central portion of the state.
  • We cover the ICU, codes. Intubation and lines skills are preferable, but not an absolute. A full range of surgical and medical specialties are available for consultation (and vice versa).
  • Our schedule is flexible. Three of us work a traditional 5 day week; 3 docs are on a 7on/7off schedule.
  • Weekends are targeted at 1:4. (Obviously the 7on/off option is 1:2 weekends). Seniority does not play a part in scheduling.
  • We are not currently a teaching service, although IU will eventually place 3rd and 4th year medical students here. I am engaged with one local medical faculty member on how this might work on a strictly voluntary basis.

Location Description

Nestled in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, we are a best-loved city that boasts spectacular scenery, world-class educational institutions and unique shopping and dining experiences. We are one of the great places to live, work and play. Its unique character and friendly and safe environment are matched by few communities in the nation.

While you're here be sure to experience the city's character and all its sights, sounds and tastes. From shopping and museums to biking and art exhibitions, the activities available for all to enjoy are endless.

Whether you're a new or longtime resident of the city or just visiting for business or recreation, we are a perfect location. If several sites look familiar to you, the movie Breaking Away was filmed here.

The City is dedicated to ensuring that we remain a charismatic, diverse community that has become a destination for many. By offering a vast array of opportunities in employment, education, arts and culture, the City is continually enhancing the quality of life for everyone.